Stories for Twins aged 1 - 3
Toby and Bryan Heathcotte




"Meow!"  What was that?
"Meow!"  It’s a cat!
"Meow! Meow!"  Now there’re two.
"Meow! Meow!"  Just like you.
"Buzz!"  There, you see?
"Buzz!"  It’s a bee!
"Buzz! Buzz!"  Another one!
"Buzz! Buzz!"  It’s such fun
"Meow! Meow!"  to be two,
"Buzz! Buzz!"  just like you.
"Moo!"  Oh, what now?
"Moo!"  It’s a cow!
"Moo! Moo!"  There’s its twin!
"Moo! Moo!"  Twins again?
"Meow! Meow!"  Another two!
 "Buzz! Buzz!"  Twin bees, too!
"Moo! Moo!"  Just like you!


Mother holds Aaron before the bathroom mirror.
There are two Mothers and two Aarons.
Daddy holds Emily in front of the bedroom mirror.
There are two Daddies and two Emilys.
Grandfather holds Aaron over the shiny car hood to see a reflection.
There are two Grandfathers and two Aarons.
Grandmother and Emily peek in the goldfish pond in the park.
There are two Grandmothers and two Emilys.
Emily sits in a playpen and sees another baby.
The baby has black hair, just like Emily.
And hazel eyes, just like Emily.
Is that her reflection in a toy mirror?
No, it’s her twin brother, Aaron.
Yea for Twinkle Twins!  Two by two!


Grandmother’s kitchen has a magic window,
Where crystals hang and spin in the sunlight.
The twin babies see fairies dance across the kitchen walls.
They see blue, yellow, pink, lavender, and green fairies.
Emily ducks her head and grins, while Aaron laughs out loud.
Grandmother rocks the twins in the rickety rockety chair.
They lick chocolate kisses and say, "Mmmmmmm."
The stereo fills the room with soft music.
Grandmother talks to the twins and hugs them.
It’s fun to go to Grandmother’s house for the day.
One day, Aaron cries a lot and doesn’t want to play.
Mommy and Daddy worry and whisper.
They get into the car and take Aaron away.
Emily goes to Grandmother’s house, but the fun is gone.
Grandmother is sad, and Emily is sad, too.
The fairies dance across the kitchen walls.
Emily ducks her head, but she doesn’t grin.
Grandmother holds Emily close in the rickety rockety chair.
They rock without talking.  No one thinks of eating chocolate kisses.
And no one wants to make the music play.
Grandmother leaps when the telephone rings.
Daddy calls from the hospital and says, "Aaron will be okay."
Grandmother cries and says, "Aaron’s coming home."
She makes the music play and holds Emily in her arms.
Grandmother is happy, and Emily is happy, too.
The fairies dance across the kitchen walls.
Emily laughs when she sees them, just like Aaron does.
Grandmother rocks and hugs and kisses Emily.
Emily hugs and kisses Grandmother, too.
They say, "Mmmmmmm," in the rickety rockety chair.

( could be sung to the tune of MacNamara’s Band)

Oh, my given name is Aaron, and I’m the brother twin.
I like to roam the rooms about and see what is therein.
But when they set their playpens up and put me in their jails,
That’s when I metamorphose into the Prince of Wails.

Oh, my given name is Emily; I’m Aaron’s sister twin.
I’m easily identified by my bashful grin.
But when I feel a hunger and the feeding system fails,
Why, very quickly I become the Princess of Wails.

Hi!  It’s Aaron back again; I’m practicing to stand
By holding on to chair and couch. The big folks think I’m grand.
But when I fall and bump my head (it’s one of my travails),
Of course I quickly turn into the noisy Prince of Wails.

Now it’s Emily and I’m back to warn that I have a powerful pout.
Just raise your fussy voice and watch my lower lip pop out.
So just because I chew on wires, and Mommy’s expression pales,
Don’t shout at me or I will be the Princess of Wails.

Oh, we often have an unmet need.  We often feel abused.
If you don’t rush to satisfy, then we are not amused.
We want someone to tend our needs and all that that entails,
Or we will introduce you to a Royal Pair of Wails


Emily and Aaron play in their play room.  They have lots of toys.
A little computer, doll babies, books, a play board on wheels to push around the room.
In the corner stands the Dappled Dog, too big to play with.
Daddy won it for Mommy at the Fair a long time ago.
Every night  before bedtime, Mommy helps Emily and Aaron put their toys into a big plastic tub.
Except the Dappled Dog.  It’s too big to put away.
One day Aaron clonks Emily on the head and takes her toy.  That makes Emily cry.
Mommy comes into the play room and and asks: "Why are you crying?"
Emily says: "Aaron hit me on the head and took my toy."
Aaron says: "Did not.  The Dappled Dog did it."
Mommy says: "Take a time out." She and Emily leave the play room.
Aaron sits in the corner with the Dappled Dog.  He feels sorry he hit his sister.
Then the Dappled Dog wiggles its nose.  Aaron is surprised.  He sticks out his tongue.
The Dappled Dog sticks out his tongue.  Aaron says: "Hello."
The Dappled Dog says: "Hello."  Soon, they play and have a happy time.
When the time out is over, Emily comes back to play.
Aaron says:  "Wiggle your nose."  Emily does.
The Dappled Dog wiggles its nose.  Emily runs around in a cirlce.
The Dappled Dog runs around in a circle.
Soon they are all playing together and having a wonderful time.
That night before bedtime, the Dappled Dog picks up all the toys in his teeth.
He pitches them into the big plastic tub. The playroom is neat and clean.
Mommy comes in and says: "You cleaned up your playroom by yourself!"
Aaron and Emily say: "No, the Dappled Dog did it."
Mommy says:  "How can that be?" She goes out of the room shaking her head.
Big brother Josh bounces his soccer ball and winks at the Twinkle Twins.
He says: "The Dappled Dog used to play with me, too, when I was a little boy."

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