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Out Of The Psychic Closet by Toby Heathcotte


This is a book of believing in yourself and finding the courage to look deeper into yourself to find your own truth.

Toby suffered a deep loss as a young child; a good friend was killed in a car accident.  When the image of her deceased friend came to Toby to tell her she was alright, Toby’s mother denied such an image was possible.  For years Toby struggled with the ability to believe in herself or what she had seen or felt on that day.  To believe in such things, let alone talk about them, would bring feelings of doubt and fear from others, especially those very close to her.

Even though the journey was a difficult and sometimes lonely one, Toby found the strength within herself to find her truth.  To search out what she believed to be true and find peace with that knowledge.  This is a book of her struggle to understand her gift and to make peace with it in order to bring knowledge to others.  Toby was plagued with death in her family through out her young life and into her adulthood and believed at a young age that death and diing should be something to fear.  Through her own research and determination, Toby has found that this is not true.

Her book Out Of The Psychic Closet brings a very comforting understanding to a gift that many are either afraid of or unwilling to believe in.  Toby follows up her belief with in depth examples and research to sustain the facts she has written about.  But this is also a story about a woman’s thirst for knowledge about herself and no matter the emotional or mental cost to Toby, she continued to look for and understand her own inner truth.  Once she was able to believe in herself, life, and her gift took on a new direction, one of inner peace.

I connected with Toby on so many levels through out her book.  I recommend Out Of The Psychic Closet to all who are in search of understand their own gifts and willing to make the first step to say, “I am not afraid.”  We all in some form or another have that little voice guiding us, giving us direction; it is up to us to listen.

A great book that gave me goose bumps, and moments of reflection of happenings like those, Toby wrote about, in my own life.  A must read


Review by Lori Newman Author of Here All Along



Wonderful reading. Toby keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen to her next.  She has an eloquent way of expressing herself as she delivers the story of her life with open and honest expression.  Then we are treated with information that many of us have wondered about along with resources to continue our search for what our psychic talents are.  Thank you Toby for opening the door for many who have always wanted to know more but were afraid to ask.     Reverend Sue Henley

What a brilliant book! I've just finished reading it and like all good books I feel sad that it's come to an end. If this book is marketed correctly it will be a best seller in the Mind Body and Spirit section.
This book would be excellent as a reference book for those on their spiritual journey as well as for those who wish to dip their toe into the psychic realms. There is a wealth of information on all the topics with references to web sites for further studies to enable the reader to satisfy his or hers curiosity..Tom Czternastek, Psychic Explorer, United Kingdom

I just finished your book and really liked it. I liked the way you shared and your personal touch. Part Two was comprehensive and informative. Also the suggested further reading is helpful. The personal experiences that you relate were interesting: Your connection to Agnes Moorehead and your Matilda lifetime validation. And I always like to see the Seth Material referenced. Jane Roberts is my hero! ha!
Well done!   Bill Schuh, Dream Researcher 

Next-door neighbors and playmates, Sherry thought Toby was fun, though sometimes quiet and distracted.  Sherry knew she was sad about losing Marcia, but only when they reconnected after several decades did she learn about the vision that had troubled her friend since childhood.  Much of Toby’s story is photo album familiar to her friend…the era, the places and the people.  Beyond that, her scholarly but easily-read account of psychic experiences plus extensive  resources  rejuvenated Sherry’s longtime interest in developing her own abilities.  She is delighted that Toby’s determination to find answers and her teacher instincts have merged and declares Out of the Psychic Closet the perfect gentle nudge for others ready to seek and trust their own true nature.  Sherry Boram, Indiana Quilter


Hi Toby,


Reading your book has been very interesting.  Last week as I was reading the chapter on Dreams my neighbor called me asking me about a recurring dream that her coworker was having (I have a "reputation" in the neighborhood).  I just found it fascinating that this neighbor whom I have occasional contact with would call me asking about dreams while I was reading that chapter.

Yesterday I stopped in at Peaceful Inspirations Gift Store to give Ann the copy you sent for her.  She mentioned a workshop that's happening at her shop next Monday on Angels.  Guess which chapter I'm reading now???  Too funny. 

The next night I read of crop circles, UFOs, etc. My bookmark was at pg. 180. This morning an email from a friend was in my inbox with photo evidence of crop circles.  It was a smile. So reading your book seems to be very synchronistic with my life.  I've mused that life is saturated with synchronicities, and I'm just not always paying that close attention to notice it.

A note on the angel chapter and praying to St. Anthony, something I did as a child. Actually, I still ask "Tony" (we've become quite close) for help.  Often.  I wouldn't "preach" it to anyone else.  It just worked for me.  Actually I did "preach" it to my younger brother once.  He called me to take a break from his frustration of looking for (and not finding) an envelope with a check in it that he desperately needed.  He had just moved and all was in disarray.  I teased him asking, "Have you prayed to St. Anthony yet?"  He didn't know what I was talking about.  I reminded him of the prayer saying, "it sure can't hurt."  We moved on to other subjects and as we finished our conversation I light-heartedly reminded him of soliciting saintly assistance to find his money.  He called me back about 3 minutes later saying, "THAT was amazing!" having found the envelope.  Anyway, I'm noticing synchronicity now and taking action, so thank you for that.

Funny thing to share - it seems my non-ordinary senses have been more active since beginning to read your new book.  Little inconsequential things (and some maybe not so) like dreaming of my son forgetting to put something back in the refrigerator and finding it on the counter in the morning.   Leaves me to ponder how reading about your story might have tuned me in to my own senses (which I too firmly believe that we all posses the ability for but culture suppresses).  It can rather unnerve other people though and that's just a shame.

"Anyone who's had "weird" experiences will appreciate Out of the Psychic Closet finding in these pages familiar stories of receiving information in non-ordinary ways.  Learning to honor these experiences can only enrich our lives.   This book is also a great resource for further investigation."

As I've written before, I really enjoyed this book both for the way it resonated with me and because you write well.  I also appreciate organization and you do that well also.

I have to admit that I got kind of stuck on the last chapter - Mind over matter - when I saw what I think of as energy medicine categories (e.g. reiki, touch, yoga, tai chi and qigong) along side PK, directed thought, etc.  I felt challenged with that mix but at the end of the day I have the perspective on that last chapter that it's all about moving energy or focused thought, if you will, so now I'm okay with the mix (and I'm sure you're SO glad to read that! )  Oh, and as an aside just prior to reading that chapter I began a daily meditation practice.  I've started and stopped (lacking discipline or focus) over the years but feel that I'm on a path this time to stay committed.  So having meditation in the last chapter was very affirming for me.

So now I find myself interested in being more aware of whatever is moving through me and hopefully enhancing that.  I believe the timing of reading your book has helped me to believe that I can do this.  So thanks for that also.

Love & Light,
Gina Bowles



Review of Out of the Psychic Closet:  The Quest to Trust My Inner Nature.

By Toby Fesler Heathcotte


            “Sometimes it seems there is a hidden design at work in the fabric of one’s life, though who can guess at the meaning.”  Micheál MacLiammóir (actor, founder of the Gate Theatre in Dublin) All for Hecuba, 229.

            “The private psyche contains within itself the knowledge of its own probabilities, and it contains a mirror in which the experience of the species can at least be glimpsed…In order to study the ‘unknown’ reality, however, you must try to see what else your consciousness can do.  This really means that you must learn to regain the true feeling of yourself…There are two main ways of trying to find out about the nature of reality—an exterior method and an interior one.” Jane Roberts.  The “Unknown” Reality.  A Seth Book.  Volume Two. 316

            Since we live in a culture that tends to deny the alternative kinds of consciousness, we must somehow, someway learn how to shorten the quest between the known and unknown realities.  It takes Toby Heathcotte fifty-five years to journey from seeing her playmate, Marcia Stoner’s ghost, peering down from a cloud to sharing a multitude of personal experiences with her readers.  All the pain, hurt, illness, and fear eventually disappear into a joyous wisdom that she finds through a determination to know her self and move beyond an early belief that there must be a “hidden design in the fabric of life” to actually prove beyond a doubt that, yes indeed, there are alternative kinds of consciousness and she has found them.

            As the author comes out of the psychic closet she honestly challenges conflicting events through the years and in a Part One memoir, “How It Happened To Me,” she details doubts and feelings as they occur.  By the time Toby is thirteen she has witnessed eighteen deaths, two at a time, the “double down trick” she labels the continuing oddity that plagues her through life.  There appears a family trait of psychic abilities in her great-grandfather and uncle, thus she grows up within the wonder and fear of encouraging her own talents.  Ghosts, near-death experiences, dreams and visions occasionally arrive accompanied by a variety of events in the Evangelical United Brethren, Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal and Baptist churches which only add to the confusion. 

            An intellectual journey counters the psychic quest in degrees from Indiana State University and Arizona State University as she wins a master’s degree and career in speech, drama and language. Marriage, two sons and a move west to Arizona and California also add variety.  However, she finally stops denying the ‘unknown reality’ that is so very true to her heart and feelings.  Toby’s memoir in Part One spares no secrets as she carries readers through voices, channeling, telepathy, spirit guides and earth mysteries—the whole deal.  On one hand this is a frightening quest, on the other it is filled with joy and hope and success.  Yes, success, by the end of the memoir, readers are smiling and those who have taken a similar journey, clap their hands.

            Toby Heathcotte doesn’t stop with her own personal quest but adds a Part Two extensive research and self help section titled, “If It Happened To You.”  It’s a “double down trick” of two books in one and organized on the same principal in both.  For example if the reader has dreams similar to the author’s in Chapter Two, s/he can turn to Chapter Eight for additional research and discover that Toby is a dream artist.  If the reader finds channeling or mediums fascinating in Chapter 3, s/he can gain more information in Chapter Nine.  Packed full with magnificent ‘arrivals’ the book details automatic writers such as Agnes Moorhead and Joshua Emmons as well as the past lives of three ‘visitors’ – Susan Richard, Nora and Matilda MacPhearson.

            This marvelous combination of memoir and research gifts readers with what they need during the questing years and may shorten the journey from the known reality to the unknown reality of the seekers.  Toby combines both within her own bravely exposed experiences and hundreds of research hours-- an interior method and an exterior one.

            “Life makes a pattern with her fingers in the air sometimes and you know you’ll have to follow.”  Micheál Maciammóir.  57

            “Your consciousness could not leave your body and return to it again unless there were biological mechanisms that allowed for such a performance.” Seth. 317

            Thank you, Toby Fesler Heathcotte, for a magnificent book.


Mali Berger, Author of New Age Fiction     




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