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My birth announcement in the Delco Remy Clan 1939.
I'm happy at being born into such a wonderful family.

My dad, Howard Dale Fesler
born 1914 Ovid, Indiana
died 1997 Pendleton, Indiana

My mother, Beulah Mae Crosley,
born 1917 Pendleton, Indiana
died 2000 Pendleton, Indiana


Beulah's parents, my maternal grandparents, Mary Elizabeth Hayden and Walter Henry Crosley, Pendleton, Indiana, about 1910

Howard's mother and my paternal grandmother, Ella Markle, born Markleville, Indiana 1879 - died Ovid, Indiana 1941

Her father was Samuel Markle, born in New York 1823- died Markleville Indiana1880 - parents John D. Markle (1793-1865) and Sallie Allen (1795-1861), founders of Markleville, Indiana

Her mother was Ann Sarah Riggs, born Ohio 1838 - died Markleville, Indiana 1918 - parents Beniah Riggs (1810-1887) and Olivia Ralston (1810-1838)

Their sons owned the Markle Bros Saw Mill.

Howard's father and my paternal grandfather, Theodore "Dory" Fesler, 1879-1915, photographed at the Markle Bros. Saw Mill in Markleville, Indiana

His father was James Monroe Fesler, born Ovid, Indiana 1854 - died Anderson, Indiana1927

His mother was Lydia Cornelia Collis, born 18681 Anderson, Indiana - died 1881 Ovid, Indiana

Paternal grandparents of Beulah and my maternal great-grandparents, Alice Hite (1857-1925) and Samuel Eddie Crosley 1852-1921, Pendleton, Indiana, about 1910

They had four sons and one daughter.
His father was Andrew Apple Crosley, born Ohio1829, died Pendleton, Indiana 1900. His mother was Catherine Lewis, 1830-1919

I know nothing about Alice's family at the present time except that her father came from Tennessee and her mother was born in Indiana.


Maternal grandmother of Beulah
and my great-grandmother, Alice Prudence Smith, 1869-1926
Married to Joseph Daniel Hayden, bore eight sons and one daughter, Mary Elizabeth, my grandmother.
Her mother was Phoeby J. maiden name unknown, 1850-1884, Summitville, Indiana
Her father was George W. Smith, 1850-1872, Summitville, Indiana

Maternal grandfather of Beulah and my great-grandfather, Joseph Daniel Hayden, 1863-1940
born on a farm near Muncie, Indiana, farmed all his life outside Pendleton, Indiana
His father was John C. Hayden, born Ohio 1817- died Indiana 1889
His mother was Elizabeth E. Dickerson born 1827 Ohio - died Indiana 1873

Probably a doctored photograph of Samuel Eddie Crosley or his father, Andrew Apple Crosley. The man in the photo is holding a Civil War rifle inscribed with Andrew's initials. Andrew fought in the Civil War with the 89th Indiana Infantry Regiment.

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