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Angie’s Promise by Toby Heathcotte

Wings ePress Inc.

August 2004

ISBN 1590883127

Paranormal Romance

Novel length

4 stars out of 5



Toby Heathcotte has written a romance that transcends time and dimension in her novel, ANGIE’S PROMISE.  Right away I was caught up in the struggles of the heroine, Angie, as she sought her way back to her lover and soul mate.


Angie and Ty were finally in sync after years of misunderstanding and pride getting in the way.  They were to be married and spend the rest of their days together.  As they were sailing one idyllic weekend before the wedding, Angie had a terrifying vision of Ty’s airplane exploding in midair.  Before she was able to act upon the premonition, her own life was in danger when she was knocked overboard.  Ty was able to rescue her but it wasn’t until the next day, as his scheduled flight was about to leave, that Angie remembered the warning.  Nothing she said or did prevented Ty from getting on the airplane and she   watched helplessly as the small Cessna took off and exploded into flames, killing Ty.


Angie spends the rest of her life trying to keep her promise to Ty that she will find him one day.  Her life is a daily changing and learning experience as she strives to reach Ty.  Angie’s son supports her but he has a life that requires Angie’s help as well.  On her journey back to Ty, Angie discovers her previous lives, which all include Ty.


ANGIE’S PROMISE is the third in a series by Toby Heathcotte, but it is able to stand alone. The first in the series was ALLISON’S LEGACY, which tells the story of one of Angie’s previous lives.  I found ANGIE’S PROMISE intriguing and enlightening and I am sure Toby Healhcotte’s fans, old and new, will agree!








As Angie prepares to face her toughest obstacles yet, she has to realize that life and love are the same, and it’s only in letting go and accepting, that she and Ty will ever stand a chance. ANGIE'S PROMISE was not the typical ghost love story that I expected it to be. It was a story meant to embrace life and all that it has to offer its participants. All the characters have lessons to learn and Angie has the biggest hurdle to overcome of them all. A hauntingly beautiful and sweetly romantic read, ANGIE'S PROMISE delivers it all with a mesmerizing warmness that caresses the reader’s very soul. Even though Ty's character wasn't a major part of the story, the love he had for Angie was evident from page one until the final and most gratifying scene of them all. I recommend this truly romantic tale to all of you who hunger for a romance that satisfies from start to finish. Published by Wings ePress Books and available in August of 2004, ANGIE'S PROMISE doesn't break its word, it delivers it with a finesse that encourages the heart to believe.

Happy reading,

Joann Ruffen




Title – Angie’s Promise

Category - paranormal/futuristic

Reviewer – Crystal Fulcher

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Blue Ribbon Rating 1-5 – 4.5

Format - EBOOK

After finding her one true love after many years, Angie Brock is looking forward to marrying Ty Beckman and spending the rest of her life with him.

However, a week before the wedding Angie has a vision of a plane exploding. Unable to convince Ty not to board the Navy plane she saw so clearly in the vision, she helplessly watches her dreams go up in smoke.

This story is about one woman’s desperate search to reconnect with her one true love into the afterlife, a story of the psychic and the paranormal but real life also. Angie hunts to find Ty using whatever means she can find, and all the while hanging on to her son to help him through life also.

Angie Brock has had a hard life, from being in an orphanage briefly after her father died, losing her one true love in life to infidelity, marrying and having a child with epilepsy, the subsequent divorce and her brother’s death. But through all this she remains strong, raises her son, loves him and one day finds her one true love again. Life seems to be going great until that true love is taken from her. But she perseveres and continues her lifelong love and learns so much about life.

Ty Beckman has made some mistakes in his life, but he has finally found Angie again and she is all he really wants out of life.  Until that fated day when he refuses to listen to Angie’s warning about the impending plane crash.

Luke Brock is Angie’s son, who has epilepsy. He loves his mother dearly and wants to take care of her as she has him for his entire life. He steps right in after Ty’s death and helps his mom through some of her grief and dealing with her life again. However, he is not totally willing to believe in his mom’s paranormal powers. During this book, you watch him grow and become a man and his tale is fascinating.

Not really a true romance, but more of a general fiction story, this book is absolutely wonderful. The characters seem very real, the paranormal plausible and the whole feel of the book is warm and loving. I honestly found myself feeling everything the characters felt and the book takes you through a wide range of emotions. It is a great book that shows the relationships of mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives and friends in a real light. Definitely have some Kleenex available, but while sad in parts, on the whole the book is not depressing, it is very hopeful instead.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading about great characters and life in general.



ANGIE'S PROMISE - Toby Heathcotte

Wings ePress

ISBN: 1-59088-318-7

August 2004

Paranormal Fiction, New Age


San Diego, California and Phoenix, Arizona, 1987


Angie Brock made her promise to Ty on their last morning together. He swore nothing would ever separate them; nothing would make him leave her, not even death. Angie vowed to find him even then, even if she had to forge a doorway between worlds to do so. Later that day, in spite of Angie's tearful pleas, Navy Captain Ty Brockman would board an airplane that would explode in the air, just as she had foreseen. Angie would spend the rest of her life keeping her promise.


While Angie grieves for Ty and searches for ways to contact him in this life, her son Luke meets and falls in love with the beautiful Melinda. As Luke introduces his two women to each other, Angie has another, more enigmatic vision that fills her with foreboding.


Though not a romance, ANGIE'S PROMISE is a love story that extends through the ages. This novel is one episode in a woman's soul's progression toward perfection through various lives, and her struggles to contact her soulmate. Ms. Heathcotte introduced this pair of lovers as Alison and Thomas in the first of the Alma Chronicles, ALISON'S LEGACY from Triskelion Publishing. In that book as well as this, reincarnation and reparations for failures in past lives are major themes, though the earlier book took place in the early eighteenth century England.


Both books have many layers, including the spiritual, the romantic, and the practical. But where Allison's tale had a straightforward plotline to ground it and provide a platform from which to attach sidelines, ANGIE'S PROMISE is less coherent. The whole has a disjointed quality that makes it difficult to see where it's leading. By the end, though it has some very moving moments, it almost seems as though ANGIE'S PROMISE is more a treatise on the author's own beliefs and experiences with the occult world. Still, it does manage to fascinate with forays into past life regression, and the idea of a spirit guide helping souls between lives learn from their pasts and look toward bettering their next lives. One can only wonder what will happen next, as we meet these same souls in future -- or past -- incarnations.


Ms. Heathcotte is working even now on the next volume of the series, LAINE'S LEGACY, though it comes chronologically second in the Alma Chronicles, which actually makes ANGIE'S PROMISE the third in the series. Though I have some reservations about ANGIE'S PROMISE as an individual book, it makes a valuable contribution to understanding Ms. Heathcotte's philosophy and the series' story world. I thoroughly enjoyed ALISON'S LEGACY and have high hopes for LAINE'S LEGACY coming out in October. To learn more of this author and the Alma Chronicles, go to


Jane Bowers

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Angie’s Promise

Toby Heathcotte

Wings ePress Inc

ISBN 1-59088-318-7

Released August 2004


Paranormal Romance



School teacher Angie Brock and Naval Captain Tyler Beckman were going to be married on Saturday after twenty-five years of being apart. Angie had a premonition of a Naval aeroplane exploding, but a storm and her subsequent fall overboard prevented her from warning Ty until he went to board the plane. He ignored her protestations, and true to Angie’s vision, it exploded. But Angie saw Ty in her room and was confident that he would help her find him.


Under suspicion because of her warnings, she struggled with grief while being harassed by the investigator. Her only respite came when she dreamed of Ty, experiencing a mystical joining with him more complete than sex, and that too ended when he told her that he had to go.


Her son, Luke, had in the meantime become smitten with Melinda Chacon, a beautiful, success-obsessed Hispanic girl. When Angie met her she had a vision of her running away from Luke with something in her arms, but she didn’t know what it meant. On their next meeting Melinda asked her some difficult questions, but Angie didn’t know whether she was naïve and curious, or cruel and insolent. Luke loved her, however, and he and Melinda decided to marry.


Still preoccupied with finding Ty, Angie went to see a regressionist, and remembered not just another life with Ty, but the place in between lives, and she recognized the lessons that she had already learned and those that she still had to.


When Melinda fell pregnant, Angie had a premonition and came to their house in time to talk her out of having an abortion. At baby Aaron’s birth, Luke had a vision of his own.


Melinda returned to work and Angie cared for Aaron, until Melinda sent him to day-care and Angie was diagnosed with cancer. Luke and Melinda’s marriage dissolved, and Luke moved back to care for Angie. She realized that she had neglected the living through obsessing over finding Ty, and that through death she would find him again.


ANGIE'S PROMISE is a well-written, complex story filled with well-developed, complex characters, and Toby Heathcotte describes the story and the characters with a strong voice. I teared up more than once while reading, and I enjoyed seeing the characters change and grow through the book.


I have to admit, though, that it was unnerving to read about a woman who shares my name but not much else. However, Melinda is a complex villain, which made it all the more tragic when she left Luke with Aaron, because one can understand why she felt that she had to.


Although not a believer in reincarnation myself, I feel that Ms Heathcotte paints a beautiful picture of each life as an opportunity to learn from the last one and rectify the past, and brings new meaning to the term "soul mates" in a tender and enjoyable novel.

Reviewed By: Melinda Stanners

© July 2004


This page-turner demonstrates that the power of love can transcend even the barrier of death. A man and woman who love each other so strongly find that they can actually defy every element to reunite after one of them dies.

Angie Brock and Ty Beckman spend the day sailing on his sloop on San Diego Bay, but her peaceful sail is marred by a frightful daydream. When the dream becomes reality and she loses her betrothed, the Navy suspects her of sabotage, her son wonders about her sanity, her daughter-in-law is afraid of her psychic power, and life becomes a battle. Ty promised her he would never leave her, but is he a man of his word?

Angie must face one obstacle after another in this compelling read, which is filled with endless skirmishes with the Navy, friends and family members. Her psychic powers work for and against her as she fights to rejoin her true love.
-- 4 Stars, Donna Brown, reviewer, Romantic Times, December, 2004.




Toby Heathcotte
Paranormal romance
Available from Wings ePress
ISBN: 1-59088-318-7
August 2004

With only a week until her wedding, the day started out beautifully. Angie Brock and her handsome Navy Captain and groom-to-be, Ty Beckman sailed from Catalina toward San Diego Bay on his sloop, Destiny. Lolling against the cool fiberglass, then stretching out to rest from the blistering sun and the long sail, Angie’s mind was suddenly filled with a frightful vision—an all-to-real sight of an airplane disintegrating in the air above. Suddenly the calm breeze came in threatening gusts and Ty’s call for a weather check caused her to push the scary image to the back of her mind. The once serene air was picking up, making the sea choppy and hard to navigate. The relaxing sea cruise turned into a struggle to stay upright and on course, and poor Angie found herself thrown into the cold, churning water, fighting for her life. Luckily, Ty was able to maneuver the Destiny to Angie’s rescue and back into safe harbor and plans for wedded bliss.
But once at home, Angie is flying in one direction and Ty to a meeting in Long Beach. When she rides with him to his departure point, Angie is struck by the familiarity of the airplane on which he is scheduled to leave. The numbers painted on the side of the naval aircraft are the same as those in her vision. Could it have been a premonition? She begs him not to go, but he chides her for her foolishness and boards the plane despite her fears, leaving her in the clutches of a protective Ensign.

As the plane climbs higher and circles back over the landing strip, Angie watches in horror as her vision becomes reality. The shock is more than she can stand, and mercifully, unconscious peace claims her. When Angie awakens in the hospital to the sound of her son’s voice, not only does she have to face her lose, but learn that she’s suspect for knowing the plane was going to crash. How did she know?

If you like romance with suspense, psychic phenomena and tons of emotion, then you’ll absolutely love Angie’s promise. Toby Heathcotte is an extremely talented writer who makes the scenes so real you swear you can smell the ocean air. You’ll definitely share the joys and pain of this wonderful story. I’ve read other books that stirred my emotions, but this author actually moved me to tears, and I found myself eager to see if Angie lived up to her promise of finding her lost love again, no matter what. I can’t tell you the ending, but I can say that I anxiously look forward to reading more of Ms. Heathcotte’s offerings. She's a top-notch author in my book!

Overall rating: 4 1/2 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Brett Scott
December 1, 2004

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Angie’s Promise


Five Hearts


In Angie’s Promise, Angie Brock, who readers first met as Alison MacPherson, made a promise to herself and Tyler Beckman, the one great love of her life – to find a way to continue being with him despite death. This is a story that in its heart wrenching beauty gives hope to the reader. Alison, Thomas, Lainn MacPherson and Judith continue their soul journey begun in Alison’s Legacy in Angie’s Promise, book three of the Alma Chronicles.  Replaying some of their lessons, moving forward in others they have continued through other lifetimes until the present.

Twenty-five years after they allowed their relationship to be torn apart by their own selfishness and distrust Angie Brock and Navy Captain Tyler “Ty” Beckman have found each other again.  A week before their wedding, as they sail back from Catalina Island Angie has a strange vision – she sees a horrific plane crash.  Not just any plane, a Navy plane.  But she forgets about the vision until the next day when she accompanying Ty to the Navy airfield shortly before he flies out for a short trip. Suddenly the vision returns to her and she pleads with Ty not to leave. Not heeding her plea, even when she throws herself in front of the plane, Ty proceeds to leave. The plane barely takes off before it explodes into a ball of flame, killing Ty.  Angie’s devastation and utter despair come through the pages of Angie’s Promise. Waking from her ordeal Angie sees a vision of Ty come through, a vision that assures her his spirit lives and that they will be together again. But Angie does not want to wait until the end of her days on Earth. She begins to seek a way to be with Ty even as she lives.  When a reputable medium cannot help her he sends her to a past life regressionist who helps Angie into a trance where she becomes aware of some of her past lives with Ty. Angie returns to consciousness knowing she and Ty have been together before and will again. Yet she continues to live her life waiting only for the time she will reunite with her one true soul mate.

There is only passing mention of Angie, Ty and Luke’s lives as Alison, Thomas and Liann, and a wonderfully told regression of Angie’s life as a woman known as Ashley and her death by suicide.  Yet more than the passing reference is not needed because the brief recollection tells the reader, even the reader who has not read the rest of the series, all that is needed. Ty, Luke and his wife Melinda all unite on a soul level to help Angie’s growth. And the growth of each of them from the first book is also revealed. The antagonist, from the abusive husband, MacPherson, to the malicious Megan to the self-centered Melinda, also changes, finally confronting the fear she has of Angie.

For anyone that has lost someone dear to them Angie’s Promise offers solace. For those who have not yet lost someone, it offers hope.  And it tells a story of how love transcends not only time and space, but what many perceive as the ultimate separation. This reviewer offers Ms. Heathcotte her gratitude because while reading this amazing story, a dear family friend passed away. Through the character Angie’s struggles and acceptance, there was a feeling of peace at this dear friend’s passing.

For this reviewer Angie’s Promise is the most powerful of the Alma Chronicles. Going beyond a story of reincarnation and past lives, Ms. Heathcotte’s characters do the very things many of us do when faced with the death of a loved one.  We deny they have left us, we seek to reunite with them, we hope for a dream, we turn to anyone who might give us a message or assurance they still live and ultimately, we find peace in their passing. Anyone who has lost a loved one will identify with some, if not all, of the steps Angie takes to reunite with Ty.

Angie’s Promise is a stand-alone book; one need not have read Alison’s Legacy or Lainn’s Destiny to enjoy it. However, readers will not want to miss out on any part of this wonderful series.

Reviewed by Gina
October 2005

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Review No. 9

The relationships in this novel are incredibly relatable. You have the love between two mature adults in Angie and Ty’s relationship, in contrast to the new love that is blossoming between Angie’s son, Luke, and Melinda. Angie and Ty have both been married before. Luke and Melinda are young and ready to take on the world. They are driven by their careers. Nothing is more important to Melinda than being a success. She believes that it is up to her to help pave the way for other Hispanic women. She will give up everything including her marriage to Luke and their son Aaron to fulfill her dream. While I was very angry at Melinda for giving up her family for her career, a part of me also admired her. In her eyes she had to give up her family for the greater good of giving Hispanic women a chance to advance and make their lives better. She sacrificed her own happiness for the happiness of others. Luke, on the other hand, realized that his career would never be as important to him as his family. His success was defined as being a father and husband rather than a powerful attorney.

Angie’s psychic abilities prove that love knows no bounds. She believes that she and Ty have loved one another in many past lives. She truly believes that she will find Ty again after he dies, and that is the promise that she makes to him. Ultimately she does find him after losing her battle with cancer.

This is a very dramatic story. I felt empty and hopeless when Angie lost Ty, and I was angry at Melinda when she left Luke and Aaron for her career. I felt at peace when Angie passed from this world and met Ty again, and when Luke realized that his mother will always be with him, even if not in the physical sense.

The first few pages of the novel were challenging for me because there was a lot of sailing terminology, and I needed a dictionary to understand what was happening. ANGIE'S PROMISE is not what I expected from a paranormal novel. Angie’s psychic abilities are very believable. I really liked her character and the wisdom she imparted: love is eternal and exists beyond the physical planes of earth; don’t be selfish with the time you have on earth, and when your time comes, embrace it and don’t be afraid to die. I also felt that I could relate to Angie because she is so afraid of becoming her mother. She doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that her mother made, but in that does she go too far in trying to be the opposite of her mother? This is a very powerful novel and one that I highly recommend.

Carrye, Four Roses

Romance Reader at Heart


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Characters That Stay With You.
By Regan Taylor

Do you have a book-a-holic friend you are looking for a totally good read to gift him or her with? Or maybe you are looking for a great fall read. Are you looking for something different with some unique characters, ones that stay with the reader long after they have turned the last page or turned off the e-reader? One that just kind of walks off the pages and into your life and is so real? I've encountered two like that recently and would like to introduce them to you.

The first is Mrs. Middleton from Lynne Connolly's Noblesse Oblige. She is a widow and like most “single” women in Regencies, marriage is the penultimate life goal. While Mrs. Middleton has a rather nice retirement package for her time, she is a manipulative, overbearing, egotistical, self-centered woman who, is one of those characters you just love to hate. There were times…ok, just about everytime she appeared…that I wanted to reach into the pages and throttle her. She was a wonderful foil for the heroine, Maryanne Noble. Such a perfect contrast. It takes true talent to create such a believable yet so outrageous character and Ms. Connolly has all that and more. Here I sit several weeks and books later and I can still stop and have a decent chuckle at Mrs. Middleton's antics. She has all the wonderful touches of a “Regency woman” but so realistic you could almost believe she works in the next cubicle over.

The second is Angie from Toby Heathcotte's Angie's Promise, the third story in the Alma Chronicles. Readers will have met Angie in her other lives in Alison's' Legacy and Lainn's Destiny, but for me, Angie's Promise is the best. Angie is a modern day woman, finally reunited with the great love of her life—Ty. Angie and Ty have spent many lifetimes together and their path back together in this one was not easy. When Ty suddenly and tragically dies Angie grieves and readers will feel they are side by side with her as she goes through the process of coming to terms with Ty's death. On a deeper level Ms. Heathcotte's telling of Angie's story gives readers a chance to come to terms with their own losses—the things so many of us have done when someone near to us has died. We bargain, we seek, we hope there's been a mistake, and finally, if we are lucky, we come to a place of peace over the loss. Here again, weeks after closing the book this powerful story has remained present in my mind. While a good story for any time, it is particularly well suited for this time of year—as the sun in the northern hemisphere sets earlier, the rains come and temperatures cool, it is a great book to settle in with on a winter night.

Two authors, half a world apart from each other, writing about two vastly different women and yet each leaves an impact with the reader. If you would like to meet these once in a lifetime characters, you can find Mrs. Middleton in Noblesse Oblige from Champagne Books at and Angie in Angie's Promise from Wings.

Regan Taylor, helped by her three fur-faced children (commonly referred to as cats), edits for several publishers, reviews, and is a soon to be published authors with two upcoming releases. You can find out more about Regan and her many projects at





Just finished Angie's Promise. In case you can't see them I'm crying like a baby. What a wonderful book. I know my mother saw angels at the end and this was a wonderful way to describe it. I cried through the last three chapters, but it was well worth it. Now I"m afraid I have to get back to the real world of deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines. Thank you for such a wonderful diversion.




I absolutely loved your book.  I read it ONE day and that's not too easy to accomplish with 12 year old twin boys and a nine month old baby girl.  I might not have been the most attentive mother that particular day.


I truly couldn't get the characters out of mind and certainly laughed and cried.  It was an extra bonus to be reminded of the San Diego and Phoenix area (and of course the hot summer weather).  Since I went to high school with Brock, loved the last name!!!


I told my mother about the book and since she's a huge Nora Roberts fan, I thought she would really enjoy it.  So, I'm ordering one for her as well.


I hope your busy at work on your next novel because I can't wait to read it!!!


Thanks so much and Best Regards,

Cindy Anstett


I loved Angie's Promise and couldn't put it down. It  is alive with passion and wisdom. And the awful grief she feels still haunts me. I hope you were not writing from a personal experience of such a grief. The book is very, very beautiful.

Mary Mulligan, Arizona


“It was awesome.”

Dianna Sharum, Ft. Smith, Arkansas


 The paperback book is available from the author.


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