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Toby Fesler Heathcotte, Author

Alma Chronicles - Award-winning series
Global E-book and EPIC's eBook awards

Souls, bound together in a circle of love, passion, betrayal, and murder, reincarnate lifetime after lifetime from the ancient Celtic world through 21st century America.

Alison's Legacy
Alma Chronicles I

A Scottish immigrant in eighteenth-century England, Alison struggles for acceptance as an independent innkeeper. Such scandalous behavior for a lone and pregnant woman could result in exile to the streets of London. The Jacobite Rebellion brings an English lieutenant to the inn door, and Alison falls in love. A diviner reveals that he is no other than the Celtic lover to whom Alison owes a centuries-old karmic debt.

Lainn's Destiny
Alma Chronicles II

EPIC Finalist Historical Fiction

In search of his life's path, Lainn, the boy, yearns to end slavery in the American colonies. During his youth he battles English tyranny by sword and pen. As a man, Lainn finds his future united with the spirit of rebellion swirling through his adopted homeland. He must find a way to preserve it. Two women haunt his soul--one beloved, the other a sworn enemy.

Angie's Promise
Alma Chronicles III

In a vision, Angie sees her fiance's plane crash in 1987 in the American Southwest. She begs him not to leave, but he ignores hr warnings, takes off in the plane, and dies before her eyes. Angie refuses to accept a future without her love. When lucid dreaming fails to keep his spirit near, Angie searches for a chink in the barrier of death. And she finds one.


Luke's Covenant
Alma Chronicles IV
Winner of the Halloween Book Award.

Willing to sacrifice his life on Nine Eleven, Luke instead finds himself required to live. He must protect himself and his family from an ancient vendetta at the hands of a man compelled to murder them all. Although failing before, Kegan has been reborn with paranormal skills that give him the advantage this time. He'll finally get the revenge he deserves.

The Comet's Return
Alma Chronicles V

EPIC winner Metaphysical Fiction

In 2061 Arizona, Angela dreams of people she should recognize and events she should remember. With her career and her sanity in jeopardy, she goes to the trunk opening for Halley's Comet and finds her love from their previous incarnation. Connecting with her previous lifetime opens Angela to the great knowledge. Kegan yet walks the world, intent on ending the blood feud from Celtic times.